Contract Catering Partners

At HT Catering, we work closely with businesses and organizations throughout Central Alberta to provide them with customizable mouthwatering contract catering services such as dinner theatres, conference centres, funeral homes and more.

You can find out more about the services we provide for our contract catering partners.


Eagle Builders 

HT Catering provides daily lunch and breakfast service to the staff at Eagle Builders. They receive their orders through an ordering app. We also drop off Eagle Builder’s orders and have an onsite chef to prepare and serve dishes.

A few kind words from our partner:

"HT Catering is the most adaptable and capable caterer in the business. They are able to accommodate everything from the most personal lunches to large buffets that require travel to multiple facilities at designated times. The food is always delicious and being able to offer over 100 of our staff two different options for their daily lunch and breakfast is no easy feat. We’re extremely happy with the dedication and quality HT has delivered for us and look forward to more amazing lunches in the future.



To ensure the staff at iRecover receives the help they need to keep those who use their services fed, we provide lunch and dinner to all of iRecover’s clients 365 days a year.

Cow Patti 

Cow Patti works with HT Catering to provide meals for all their dinner theatre shows. We also have staff on-site to serve meals and drinks to the tables, clear away dishes and set up and clean up the buffet lines with professional décor.

Gull Lake Center 

HT Catering serves meals for all the summer and winter camps held at Gull Lake Center. We also provide meals and professional staff to set up and clear tables for all the rental groups year-round.

Ponoka Stampede 

We prepare delicious food that impresses any rodeo-goer. We service all the suites and the rooftop during the week of the Ponoka Stampede.

A few kind words from our partner:

"HT Catering and Meats has been a partner of the Ponoka Stampede since 2019. In addition to being sponsors they also provide catering to 29 of our VIP infield suites. We love working with HT for many reasons but the family is one of them. They are so kind, helpful and truly care about our guest experience and their quality of service and products. They provide a high level of professionalism that our guests expect and the food is incredible. What they do for us is not your average catering job with multiple performances, 3 different buildings, a rooftop bar for groups of 300+ and 7 days straight of go, go, go. Yet every year they surpass expectations and do it with a smile.

They are an amazing addition to our Stampede Family and we truly value the relationship."


When turnaround comes, much of the staff is too busy to prepare their own food. That is why we provide food services for MEGlobal’s turnarounds and other events.