BBQ Catering Services & Fine Meats

Working with food is a craftsmanship, something that Henk as a head chef , butcher and meat inspector understands as no one else. With years of experience he knows what good food is and how to prepare it, so that many remember his Excellent and Fresh Catering Service and Meat! Henk says always: "You get what you want for the best price I can do it for.  We can serve everybody and anybody."  His heart is in preparing the best meat on the barbeque, so he can cook live on location with his team and kitchen on wheels, serving you in Central Alberta! We specialize in Events including Bar Services from 20-2000 people!

Why choosing HT Catering & Meats for your event:

* Rave Reviews :)

* We SPECIALIZE in our own cuts of Meat, prepared in house by our certified head chefs with our own marinades and spices, unless so many other catering companies, who get the food frozen and vacuum packaged, ready to serve after only heating up. OUR food is not the processed food! It is made from Scratch! We also only use real whip cream, butter and bacon bits! 

* High quality of Food, with a High level of Presentation and Service, still for an Affordable Price!  

* Exceptional Desserts with more choices then just Cakes and Squares!

* You can choose Fries or Potato Wedges!!!

* Professional Staff in uniform!

* Matching Buffet Décor!

* Accommodating any Special Diet Request for NO extra Charges!

* We can be your One-Shop-Stop! Let us organize your event, the only thing you have to do is showing up.

* Professional Bartenders 

* Great Appetizer Choices & Midnight Lunches, no matter the seize of the crowd!




Varying from Homemade Sausages to Pork Roulade we offer a large selection of fresh meat that you can order anytime! We also make Barbeque, Fondue or Gourmet Platters of your Choice (4 or more different choices of meat, with the option to add 3 different sauces, 2 salads and baguette). Any size, any style! 

We are thankful to work together with our local Sobeys, Scholing Potatoes and Special Event Rentals. 

Enjoy our Services!

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The Team




Owner & Operator

Favorite Food: Babi Pangang

Favorite Beverage: Milk

Likes: Camping

Loves: Cooking

Not so crazy about: Paperwork




Head Chef

Favorite Food: Lasagna

Favorite Beverage: White Wine

Likes: Making Soups and Sauces

Loves: Hiking and Camping

Not so crazy about: Her name is Gladys, and we also call the heavy trash "Gladys"





Favourite food: Pasta

Favourite beverage: Coffee and Wine, equally.

Likes: Decorating

Loves: Party Planning

Not so crazy about: Gardening




Henk's Assistant & Bartending 

Favourite food: Meat

Favourite beverage: Old Fashioned

Likes: Steak

Loves: My kids

Not so crazy about: Stacy's cats 





Favourite food:

Favourite beverage:



Not so crazy about: 





Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Beverage: Baileys

Likes:  Organizing

Loves: Warm weather

Not so crazy about: 
Waking up early in the morning




Serving & 
Bar Tending 

Favourite food: Perogies

Favourite beverage: Dirty Martini

Likes: Brendon

Loves: My kids and cats

Not so crazy about: Corndogs